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Tech Tip: Twine

I decided I wanted to do an interactive story for my storybook project so I chose to explore the website Twine for my Story lab this week!Honestly, I had a lot of fun playing around with the software. Ever since I discovered the story Mythical Monsters of the New World in our first week of this class, I knew I wanted to do something similar! I was so excited about the layout of the story, and as the reader, I couldnt read and click fast enough. I loved that I got to pick the character's destiny. It was a fun little challenge! Looking more into the software behind the making of that blog, Twine, I was kind of nervous because I'm not very technologically blessed and thought I'd be very overwhelmed by the process but it was a lot easier then I expected! I actually did a fun little test game about me and my roommates and will probably continue to mess around and be creative with the website just so I can get used to it more and more. I'm super excited to use this website …

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